Journey Log

This is just a page with all of my trips that I take and any interesting things I want to remember. Most of all it's probably going to help me map routes in the future.

Barber motorsports museum trip

You can view the entire route on GPS visualizer. Ben and I met in midtown about 8:00 and jumped on I-20 West. Traffic was pretty light being the day before Thanksgiving. 20 west out of Atlanta is almost as boring as 20 east out of Atlanta. I think I dozed off a couple of times. Just kidding, but it was pretty hard to stay engaged though. The ride back was much better, we took U.S. Route 78 back east. Wasn't the most scenic drive I have ever seen but better than looking at the back of a semi-trailer. Someone has a nice collection of really big military hardware (tanks, etc.) near the GA line and there is apparently a Waco, GA. I did not know that. There is also a rather large collection of classic VW beetles.

The museum was awesome, Ben posted some of his photos on Flickr. That place is amazing and I definitely want to go back for an event. They have a really nice track there.

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