Looking into playing with boids using Ogre I ran across OpenSteer. There is also an OpenSteer .NET implementation that is supposed to work with Mogre, Unity and XNA. Might be worth checking out in Unity.

Found a sweet tutorial and reference page for mathematics called Math-abundance.

Trying to compile OpenSteer I got this crap:

Compiling ../src/PlugIn.cpp...
../src/PlugIn.cpp: In static member function ‘static OpenSteer::PlugIn* OpenSteer::PlugIn::findByName(const char*)’:
../src/PlugIn.cpp:105: error: ‘strcmp’ was not declared in this scope
make: *** [PlugIn.o] Error 1

Fixed that and about 25 new compile errors popped up… yuck. I hate this $*&^. Ok, it looks like OpenSteer has not been touched in years (I always forget to look at the date). GCC has revved many times since then so this will require some love to get going again but it looks very useful. Marking this as a todo.

Ok, my aversion to reading has to stop. They obviously no longer support release bundles for download. Getting the code from the subversion repository did the trick. It builds the whole thing as an elf file that worked great. This is sweet.

OpenSteer .NET

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