This page is to jot design notes down for a media player I want to write. It seems like most of the audio players now are these huge monolithic media center/organizer/visualizer/RSS reader/do every thing style applications. They seem to have forgotten that what most people want to do is point the thing at a directory of music and just play them (probably not in order). That's it. I don't want my media player to manage my personal life. Just play my tunes man. Also I just want to take a concept and build a simple application around that to see how it pans out. The core concept of the player will be commands (thus the name) and the central design principle will very intuitive operation by commands issued on a sort of command line.

Central Ideas

  1. Text based gui.
  2. Intuitive lexical (language based) interface.

Artifact types

  1. Track (files, data)
  2. Artist
  3. Genre
  4. Album
  5. Group
  6. Collection

Action types

  1. Remove [Tracks, Artist, Genre, Album]
  2. Add [File(s)]
  3. Store <as> [File]
  4. Define [Group]
  5. Setting <is> [Value]
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